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Artist-in-Residence is a program which artists are invited to stay
in the area for a certain period of time and create art works through various interaction and conduct accompanying research activities.
At YUI - PORT, there are 2 programs. “Invitation Program”,
which support long-term residence of invited artists who were selected by open recruitment and “Autonomous Activity Program”
which support short-term residential activities of emerging artists.

Staying Artist

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Period Of Residence

Supported by academic background, Ya-Nung is equipped with sensitive social consciousness. Getting involved in graphic design, illustration, photography and film, She’s also a talented musician playing Suona – a traditional Chinese music instrument – in the orchestra. Good at telling stories by qualitative image with simplicity, Ya-Nung combines multi-field advantages to develop various way of performing.

Involve in art field since studying in UK, Ya-Nung is highly interested in the power relationship between people, space and how they interact. Backed up by social theories and taking visual art as a tool, she has gradually developed the way of practice, integrating music, body and moving image. Playing several roles such as performer and director, She’s able to change positions of seeing and being seen at ease. Recently Ya-Nung is dedicated to experimental film, discussing the human’s condition of being in the space and the interaction with the environment. Her goal is recording every moment in the space, interlacing and recreating a brand new text for it.

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したて ポートレート

Period Of Residence

Born in 1981. Born in Kyoto Prefecture.
Graduated from Kyoto Seika University Department of Fine Arts Japanese Painting Course in 2005.
Developed works made with paper and developed methods and installations that draw light on paper and copy shadows.
Interested in traditional folklore, and based on that, producing something on the scene.
Have participated in Artist-in-Residence etc., in Niigata and Iceland in the past.

Gil SocietyAkureyri(2015 Iceland)
SIM Residency/Reykjavi(201 Iceland)

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