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Details For Open Recruitment Of Artists

In YUI - PORT's Artist-in-Residence project, there are 2 programs.
In “Invitation Program”, we support long-term residence of invited artists etc. who were selected by open recruitment.
In “Autonomous Activity Program” we support short-term residential activities of emerging artists etc.

Duration of Stay
Within 90 days from April 1, 2019 (Monday) to June 30, 2019 (Sunday)
Number of Applicant Invited
Two people (or groups)
  • Currently active artist (genre does not matter).
  • Participate in the citizen exchange project at least once in cooperation with Designated Administrator.
  • Reside and conduct creative activities in YUI – PORT.
  • Present the production result as work within the program and be responsible for the set up and removal of the exhibition.
  • Able to communicate in either Japanese or English.
  • In good health condition.
How to Apply
Please submit the following documents by E-mail [] or by post.
In the case of E-mail, please enter in "AIR 2019 Spring Entry" in the subject line.
  • Application form
  • One photograph of your face taken within the last 6 months (Only the photograph of the representative is required, please attach the photograph to the application form)
  • Materials(Please submit in one of the following. Images and videos can not be combined together)
    1. 10 pieces of image data of your work (image file jpg, resolution 72 dpi, Maximum side length 1000pixel)
    2. In case of video and sound work, please properly attach the edited video/sound work (DVD, CD etc). Otherwise upload a movie file summarizing the video of the work to a video distribution service such as Youtube, and then, attach the URL on your E-mail. The video file is limited to one file and the length shall be within 5 minutes.
      * Incomplete application documents and work materials will be excluded from the selection.
      * Please note that, in principle, the submitted application documents will not be returned.
      * Handling of personal information: We will never use the submitted application documents for purposes other than the YUI – PORT project.
Period of Accepting Application
October 1, 2018 (Monday) - November 30, 2018 (Friday) [No Later Than] (Post Mark on deadline date is not acceptable)
* Applications outside this period will not be accepted.
Selection and Result
The selection committee will conduct selection based on the materials submitted from the applicant. The selection result will be notified to all applicants by E-mail in early January 2019 (intended schedule). Questions regarding the selection are not accepted.

[Selection Committee (in alphabetical order)]
Torao Osawa (Senior Researcher, NLI Research Institute Arts and Culture Project)
Mikio Sugiura (Program Officer, Arts Council Niigata)
Yoshihiko Tanji (Professor, Artistic Environment Course, Faculty of Education, Niigata University)
Hiroshi Fuji (Vice President of Akita University of Art / Artist)
Yuji Maeyama (Director, Niigata City Art Museum)

For details on other programs, please check the application guidelines.

[Application / Inquiries]
Inquiries about the application will be accepted by E-mail or FAX.
YUI-PORT Niigata City Center for Creative Arts and International Youth Exchange
Artist-in-Residence Project Staff
2-5932-7 Futaba-cho, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Pref., Japan 951-8102 FAX:+81(0)25-201-7536

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